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“A Meeting with Mr. Dahl” & “A Crow’s Tale of Desire”
two short pieces, appear in Street Level (2011), a collection of spectacular sketches by Sarah Markes and literature written by authors living in Dar es Salaam. The book is both a documentation of some of the endangered architecture of old Dar es Salaam and a celebration of life in this Tanzanian city. See the Street Level Blog at
"In Praise of Dirt Roads"
a personal essay, is found in Mama Dar: Tales of Family Life in Tanzania, edited by Amy Gautam and Debbie Ventimiglia (2010).
Literary and Rhetorical Techniques: Texts for Analysis and Workbook
This introduction to university level literary study includes a range of texts chosen to represent the genres of the proverb, fable, poem, short story, play, and essay, and chosen to introduce students to authors from Africa, North America, and Europe. As a workbook, the book enables students to recognize both literary and rhetorical techniques and to develop the skills by which to better understand and enjoy literary studies. Once completed in collaboration with the lecturer, the workbook serves as a source of definitions and examples of the various techniques and as a reference for writing academic literary essays. 

According to Mkuki na Nyota, literature studies in Tanzania and East Africa generally have in the past paid greater attention to the content than to the literary merit of any given writing, be it a novel, poem, or short story. In this book, Noudehou gives the student the tools with which to analyse literary works, the better to appreciate the art of writing and to enjoy reading fiction. Students and teachers will find the book invaluable.
Tell Me Friends: Contemporary Stories and Plays from Tanzania
Introduction and Editor with Lilian Osaki. Tell Me Friends: Contemporary Stories and Plays from Tanzania. Dar es Salaam: Mkuki na Nyota Publishers, 2009.
Books Edited
Short Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction
"Conversations with African Students in China"
"Latina Writing: Fiction and Nonfiction"
an essay interviewing two generations of African students in China (those of the 1980s and those of the 2010s), is found in Transition: the magazine of Africa and the Diaspora, 119, edited by Krishna Lewis (2016).
an overview of Latina Writing in the USA is found in The Oxford Companion to Women's Writing in the United States, edited by Cathy N. Davidson and Linda Wagner-Martin (1995).